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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Thoughts… Animal Protection From a Conservative.

I am very conservative, pro-military, pro-charity and pro-animal rights.  Yes, that is possible! I do not support organizations like PETA, because they are extreme and I believe they have another agenda. Most animal rights organizations are liberal, but there are conservatives that support the causes.  I happen to be one. You may not like most of my blogs, but I think you will appreciate this one.

Today I have 4 adopted dogs from a local shelter. They are my best friends and bring joy to the entire family. My wife and I have also fostered over 20 dogs and assisted in their adoptions.  We volunteered and were not paid a dime. Even our kids helped. It was worth the money to save the lives of all of them. I am against kill shelters and believe that every dog has a person that is a match.  We don’t foster or adopt cats because of allergies, but we still encourage friends to help. We live in a farm area so there isn’t a problem with large animals like horses.  While I can’t help the large animals, my neighbors can.

I am not saying that purebred dogs are bad, but they should be regulated, especially the breeders. Years ago I purchased a purebred dog with papers. He was exactly what I wanted.  I travelled over 4 hours (round trip) because I was told that it was one of the best breeders.  I paid a reasonable fee and was very happy.  For a year I enjoyed the company of a great dog.  He was every thing I could ask for.  Once he was a year old he was diagnosed with hip dysplasia. Being a small dog, this is not very common unless the breeder fails by being a puppy mill.

The specialist quoted me a price of $2500 per hip.  He said both hips were in horrible shape.  I used some savings and had the first hip done. Once the surgery was done, the doctor said the surgery was a success, but he noticed a mistake and had to put the dog under twice to fix it. While healing, I found that he could not swallow and thought it was an infection. After going to another specialist, they said that during the surgery acid reflux permanently damaged his esophagus.  The hip specialist refused to accept responsibility and basically told me to go to hell.

So then I took him for balloon catheter throat treatment. After thousands of more dollars in treatments the only food he could swallow was blended wet dog food. Yes, he had his own blender. I’m not that much of a dog lover;) Most of his life was spent eating blended dog food and puppy biscuits.  For some reason, he could swallow those biscuits.

After spending all of that money on medical care I called the breeder and just asked for a refund on my purchase. She refused.  She said I could bring the dog back and get another one.  I said, but he is a part of the family and I don’t want another dog.  Plus you are just going to kill him. She said, then sue me and hung up on me. I knew I had no chance in court, so I moved on. But that breeder is a disgrace to any legitimate breeder.

He had other medical issues, which I would consider normal.  But I think he lived the best life possible. He only lived until 7 but I am glad I did what I could do to make his life the best it could be. Today, I will only adopt dogs.  I will not trash the legitimate breeders, but I will expose the puppy mills.

~ 3Jeeps3

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Thoughts… Rush Limbaugh, Boycotts, Apologies and Hypocrisy.

I have always said that I am fair and honest. Hopefully this will validate my claim. 

I was an avid Rush Limbaugh listener, letter reader and Rush 24/7 subscriber.  That is no longer the case.  Why? Hypocrisy. When he was busted for the Oxycontin abuse and insisted that he was not a hypocrite I lost all respect for him.  He went on and on to justify his failure.  I had enough and stopped listening and subscribing.  Politically, I agree with Rush, but I have a higher standard. His denial of hypocrisy lost me as a subscriber and fan.

So what does he do?  Fail again.  He should have never apologized for his comments in regards to Ms. Fluke.  Stand by your beliefs, your 1st Amendment right, and defend them both.  He lost sponsors that overreacted to something most of us believe to be true and politically motivated.  His apology was not sincere; it was all about the money.  I will now boycott the sponsors, especially Sleep Number.  Rush put them on the map.  They are a disgrace and owe him for their success. 

Something more hypocritical is the MSM coverage of this incident. We all know about similar statements made towards Sarah Palin and Laura Ingraham.  Those were blatant personal attacks.  Any boycotts?  Heck no!  Although Rush apologized, I do not believe what he said was a personal attack.

Decide for yourself, but I am so tired of hypocrisy…on the Left or Right.

~ 3Jeeps3

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Thoughts… Is Healthcare Reform Necessary?

No fluff, the answer is heck no and most of us know it.  Healthcare reform is about government control.  We need Health Insurance reform including prescription drugs.  We have the best healthcare in the world.  It’s not perfect but it is the best.  That is indisputable.   So what can we do?  Speak up!!!!

Health insurance companies are in the business to make money.  We live in a Capitalist system so that is their right.  However, government regulations have forced them to become bullies.  More competition is my first suggestion.  Although I support states rights, the car insurance model shows that competition works.  Make it interstate.  

Preexisting conditions?  I have diabetes and have to pay extra.  I can’t buy car insurance after an accident and be covered.  It is insurance, not an entitlement.  I am not cold hearted, so if we can reduce the insurance costs more of us would donate to help those with preexisting conditions.  I already do, but I would have more money to help those in need.  This is an area that needs work, not a mandate.

I know someone that had a broken leg that did not qualify for Short Term Disability.  Why?  Because she could do her job at her desk and the commute to work was not covered.  I won’t name the company but are you serious Snoopy? Those types of abuses have to be reformed.

Healthcare regulation and laws are necessary for our protection, but should be limited.  Tort reform, especially for frivolous cases, would lower medical insurance and our medical costs.  Blatant malpractice should not be ignored in this change though.

Prescription drugs are another story.  They do have research costs that cannot be ignored.  Why do you think we have a shortage of cancer drugs?  Money.  It is disgraceful and should be addressed.  Believe it or not, generic drugs are cheaper, but for the true developers to move on.  They did all of the work and then get ripped off. I am not saying I have a solution for this problem. But if we penalize the doers, we will never get out of this mess.  The doers have to make their money up front.  Put yourself in their shoes.

I am not defending the Health insurance or drug companies but I am saying this is where the reform should start.  We do not need Healthcare reform.  Repeal the “Affordable Health Care Act.”  The name does not describe what it does.  Does anyone really know what it does?  Nancy?

~ 3Jeeps3 

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Thoughts… The Real Cause of Childhood Obesity.

When I was a child my parents made sure I had a balanced diet by the standards of the day.  Sure, they let me have junk food and skip some vegetables, but they always said, at least try it.   If I didn’t like something I didn’t have to eat it. I was always fed for health and survival.  So why wasn’t I fat as a child?  Exercise, limited TV and no video games. 

After school, I went outside to play until my mother yelled “dinner!”  We played baseball, football, hockey, kickball, tag, raced, guns with sticks, etc.  If I didn’t have too much homework, I could go out after dinner and play some more.   That’s more activity than I get today as an adult.  So, as a child, give me cake and ice cream for dessert, I always burned it off.

Eventually we had Atari.  But my parents limited my time and enforced outside play.  Today most children do nothing but watch TV, play video games, “surf the Internet” and maybe do their homework.  I encourage outside play, but most kids go outside to a friend’s house to play video games!  The majority of parents today are more concerned with themselves and let their children do what they want.

Michelle Obama may have good intentions, but our money would be better spent encouraging exercise and reinstating proper physical education in the school curriculum instead of telling people what they should eat.   Most of the food forced on our children is tossed in the trash.  It’s a waste of taxpayer money and will lead to malnourishment.  School lunches were fine for me and are still fine today.  Encourage exercise instead of dictating what we eat, while you pig out on ribs and fries.  Hypocrisy at its best.

The real cause of childhood obesity… a lack of exercise.


Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Thoughts… Planned Parenthood vs. Komen et al.

I used to contribute to the Susan G. Komen Foundation for the same reason I donate to other charities. I want to help people in need. It took me a while, but once I heard they supported Planned Parenthood I sent my dollars to different women’s causes.  Then I heard they pulled their contributions and was back on board.  I applauded the Komen decision because it stood in the face of the Pro-Abortion activists.

I never tell anyone to support anything unless they believe in it.  So, if you support Planned Parenthood’s cause that is your choice.  It is not for me to challenge. That’s true Pro-Choice.  We choose to support what we believe in.   At the same time, don’t challenge me.

So then I did some research and boy did I learn.  If you plan to boycott all charities and businesses that give to Planned Parenthood you better be ready to live on an island. I could not believe what I read.  I know, they are being politically correct and support all causes to avoid lawsuits.  Personally I find it spineless.  Every company I have worked for in the last 12 years (3) matches’ donations to Planned Parenthood.   

I am keeping this short because I do not want to debate the abortion issue. I have my beliefs and you have yours.  But I am going to have to reconsider my boycott of Komen.  I never stopped wearing the pink, but I may as well donate.  Most of the money goes to the true cause.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Thoughts… Vote For The Most Electable? Are You Serious?

Can you remember a time when you voted for the most “electable” person? I sure can’t. That thought never crossed my mind.   I have always voted based on my beliefs.  Usually, I end up voting for the lesser of two evils in the general election, but I speak my mind until then. This is why we vote!  Don’t let the MSM tell you who to vote for.  All of the pundits that support Romney, for this reason alone, will not be forgotten.  I may not have an eidetic memory, but it is good.

Honestly, all of my “first” choices are out of or did not enter this Republican Primary race.   Anyone but Obama?  I say anyone but Romney!  Newt Gingrich nailed it when he said it is pathetic that all Romney can do is demean and bring down opponents.     Now that I look back, I truly believe that Romney was behind Cain’s demise.  If the accusations were true, what happened to them? It was about sexual harassment right?  Whether he runs or not shouldn’t change that.  If this is all about money and attack ads, Obama will crush Romney.   Neither can run on their records.

What annoys me the most is being called a racist because I disagree with what President Obama has done. Nothing could be further than the truth.  But those that believe that are never satisfied with facts.  David Webb said it recently.  “He's half white,” which side do they hate?”  The subject of race is a lame excuse for the failure of Barrack Obama.   Stop the name-calling and false accusations. 

Ann Coulter has lost her mind in defending Romney.  It is all about being the most electable.  She’s lucky I already purchased “Demonic”.  The most outrageous endorsement has to be from Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi.  She is suing because of Obamacare, but supports Romney?  I have yet to hear her explain how that is possible. She dodges and filibusters.  I am very disappointed.

If you decide to vote for the “most electable” person you have failed as a citizen.   Win or lose, vote based on your beliefs.  Remember, Romney couldn’t beat McCain in 2008.  Unless you support Romney based on his policies, a vote for him is a desperate move that is unnecessary. Think about it.  Who thought Barrack Obama was more electable than Hillary Clinton? I rest my case.

~ 3Jeeps3

Addendum: After the last week of ads, debates and disgraceful infighting between Romney and Gingrich, I officially support Rick Santorum. I was undecided, but the childish behavior between Romney and Gingrich has led me back to my beliefs regardless of $$$$.  Who am I?  The silent majority that has had enough. Decide for yourself.  I am only one of many.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Thoughts… How Will They Be Remembered?

If I had written this a year ago, Joe Paterno would have been remembered as one of the best college football coaches in history. Pete Rose, as a player, is a similar example. I am from PA and grew up a Penn State and Phillies fan. But please read on, and you will see that I do not allow that to interfere with my honesty.

JoePa is the 3rd winningest coach in all of college football and number one in Division 1-A or whatever it is called these days.  He also has the most Bowl wins of any college coach.  I know, he coached most of his adult life, so the statistics can be considered skewed.   He was a true idol; the players and people loved him.   From a football perspective, you can’t beat Paterno.  That may be subjective, but he is one of the best all time.

So how will I remember him?  An enabler of some of the most despicable crimes… pedophilia, sexual abuse and rape.  I wish that wasn’t the case, but it is.  The entire university should be sanctioned for letting this go on for so long.  JoePa deserved to be fired.  I feel bad for anyone that is ill, so my prayers are with his family and friends.  But I will remember the last memory the most.

Pete Rose was one of the best baseball players in Major League Baseball.  The statistics are obvious.  They exceed the statistics of most players in the Baseball Hall of Fame.  If you watched him as a Red and Phillie it was his heart, guts and leadership that made him stand out. Rose brought Philadelphia their first World Series Championship.  Being a fan of the team with the most losses of any baseball franchise… that means a lot. Again, another long career, so the statistics could be considered skewed. 

So how will I remember him? A manager that bet on his own team and was banned from the MLB.  I don’t care what he did as a player.  Integrity on and off the field is part of the criteria to enter the HoF.  I know, players in the past benefited by the lack of media coverage.  The same can be said for the players today that succeed because of the diluted base of the MLB. 

On a personal note, I had great love and admiration for my grandparents.  They all provided a great influence and unconditional love.  I don’t remember a single negative experience.  But how will I remember them?  The funerals.  I wish I could forget, but it is the last time I saw them.  Even though I have great memories, unfortunately the end is what I remember most. 

Let me be clear, I am not comparing my grandparents to Paterno and Rose as far as how they lived their lives.  But I am making the point of how I remember the people and influences in my life. It is the last memory that sticks with me.

~ 3Jeeps