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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Thoughts… Animal Protection From a Conservative.

I am very conservative, pro-military, pro-charity and pro-animal rights.  Yes, that is possible! I do not support organizations like PETA, because they are extreme and I believe they have another agenda. Most animal rights organizations are liberal, but there are conservatives that support the causes.  I happen to be one. You may not like most of my blogs, but I think you will appreciate this one.

Today I have 4 adopted dogs from a local shelter. They are my best friends and bring joy to the entire family. My wife and I have also fostered over 20 dogs and assisted in their adoptions.  We volunteered and were not paid a dime. Even our kids helped. It was worth the money to save the lives of all of them. I am against kill shelters and believe that every dog has a person that is a match.  We don’t foster or adopt cats because of allergies, but we still encourage friends to help. We live in a farm area so there isn’t a problem with large animals like horses.  While I can’t help the large animals, my neighbors can.

I am not saying that purebred dogs are bad, but they should be regulated, especially the breeders. Years ago I purchased a purebred dog with papers. He was exactly what I wanted.  I travelled over 4 hours (round trip) because I was told that it was one of the best breeders.  I paid a reasonable fee and was very happy.  For a year I enjoyed the company of a great dog.  He was every thing I could ask for.  Once he was a year old he was diagnosed with hip dysplasia. Being a small dog, this is not very common unless the breeder fails by being a puppy mill.

The specialist quoted me a price of $2500 per hip.  He said both hips were in horrible shape.  I used some savings and had the first hip done. Once the surgery was done, the doctor said the surgery was a success, but he noticed a mistake and had to put the dog under twice to fix it. While healing, I found that he could not swallow and thought it was an infection. After going to another specialist, they said that during the surgery acid reflux permanently damaged his esophagus.  The hip specialist refused to accept responsibility and basically told me to go to hell.

So then I took him for balloon catheter throat treatment. After thousands of more dollars in treatments the only food he could swallow was blended wet dog food. Yes, he had his own blender. I’m not that much of a dog lover;) Most of his life was spent eating blended dog food and puppy biscuits.  For some reason, he could swallow those biscuits.

After spending all of that money on medical care I called the breeder and just asked for a refund on my purchase. She refused.  She said I could bring the dog back and get another one.  I said, but he is a part of the family and I don’t want another dog.  Plus you are just going to kill him. She said, then sue me and hung up on me. I knew I had no chance in court, so I moved on. But that breeder is a disgrace to any legitimate breeder.

He had other medical issues, which I would consider normal.  But I think he lived the best life possible. He only lived until 7 but I am glad I did what I could do to make his life the best it could be. Today, I will only adopt dogs.  I will not trash the legitimate breeders, but I will expose the puppy mills.

~ 3Jeeps3

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